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Graduation year 2013
Department Faculty 01: Physics/Electrical Engineering (FB 01)
Degree programme or field of work Physics, Climate, airborne measurements

Anna Chrobry

For me, the University of Bremen is …

🚀 cosmodrome for ☆ launching my space and radical career (following the trajectory that even led to the Moon) ☆ further giant leaps

My professional background:

I have followed closely the footsteps of my inspiration and compatriot, prof. Skłodowska-Curie, and have become a physicist. As I have a rocket fuel for blood 🚀, I am employed in the German Space City (Bremen). I am currently using my energy for a PL and DE study program double degree Engineering and Management of Space Systems (EMSS) for which I established the initial contact and I am supporting it I organize various events concerning the STEM curriculum, e.g. as a Yuri’s Night Board Member. I am honored to be highlighted by German Physical Society DPG as one of #175inspiriende

My best anecdote:

Who dares wins! Bute un binnen – wagen un winnen Bremen Motto. I may have been one of the first women to leave my community in PL who was not married, went abroad, and pursued a PhD in physics at Uni Bremen. I was not recognized as a nerd passionate about ENVIRONMENTAL MODELS. I look like Penny (the Big Bang Theory), so I was assigned a role of a fashion model (walking on the catwalks) regarding my lean physique. When I experienced prejudice like this, I walked along the street of Lise Meitner who remained CURIE-OUS and STEMazing despite plenty of challenging situations and became an inspiration for the next generations of trailblazers.

What influenced me the most:

Prof. Lemke climate lecturer, leader on ice chapter Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC report. We are living in Anthropocene age. In 2007, the IPCC was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I started my PhD dedicated to understand the impact of humans on the atmosphere.