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Abschlussjahr 2020
Fachbereich Fachbereich 04: Produktionstechnik -Maschinenbau & Verfahrenstechnik- (FB 04)
Studiengang oder Arbeitsfeld Visiting Scientist

Icaro Agostino

Die Universität Bremen ist für mich …

For me, the University of Bremen is special place of great learning, both academically and personally as a visiting researcher from abroad.

Mein beruflicher Werdegang:

Is a PhD candidate in Production Engineering (Federal University of Santa Catarina). Was a visiting scientist in the IPS department "Systemgestaltung und Planung" - BIBA for 1 year. His main activity during his research stay is the collaboration in the joint project AdaptiveSBO between BIBA, under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Freitag, and the working group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enzo Morosini Frazzon at the UFSC.

Meine beste Anekdote:

Good memories at Mensa with the work team, discussing the differences and similarities between the cultures of Brazil and Germany.

Was mich am meisten beeinflusst hat:

Learning a new culture and meeting researchers, professors and scientists from my research field.