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Abschlussjahr 2019
Fachbereich Fachbereich 03: Mathematik/Informatik (FB 03)
Studiengang oder Arbeitsfeld Mathematics

Luis Lüttgens

Die Universität Bremen ist für mich …

the place which I associate with moments such as: My first mathematical proof or long nights and weekends with my clostest friends at that time

Mein beruflicher Werdegang:

After my maths degree I've joined the Robert Bosch GmbH as a trainee in the automtoive industry. Since then I've worked on projects concerning optimal path planning, functional safety concepts for lvl 4 SAE vehicles, racing sports and E/E-architectures.

Meine beste Anekdote:

More by accident I've slipped into the team for Audi's Autonomous Driving Cup in 2017. During this time I first got in touch with industrial applications of mathematics, which sparked joy and as it turned out this student competition laid the foundation for my professional career until today.

Was mich am meisten beeinflusst hat:

I've always enjoyed the atmosphere and flat hierarchies at the university and FB3. I cannot recall a single competitive situation among us students, but many team-efforts and appreciation for one another. That is the best lesson Bremen taught me for my professional career.