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Abschlussjahr 1994
Fachbereich Fachbereich 02: Biologie/Chemie (FB 02)
Studiengang oder Arbeitsfeld Biology (Virology)

Werner Frings

Die Universität Bremen ist für mich …

...always in good memory, as it was the starting point for an exciting development - personal as well as professional.

Mein beruflicher Werdegang:

Diploma in 1994, PhD in 1998, the different postdoc positions in German, change to pharmaceutical industry, living and working in Japan, now back in Germany

Meine beste Anekdote:

I almost was denied my PhD position because of having the wrong gender „Frauen sind bevorzugt einzustellen";. It took my (female) professor much effort to hire me... :)

Was mich am meisten beeinflusst hat:

The lack of proper tests. With that I was always feeling uncertain if I had learned enough and was motivated to learn for myself. Sadly enough, I saw others fail who believed they were good but did not have a good self-assessment.